#DamnItCarl Podcast 8: Are You Ready to Vote?

On this #DamnItCarl podcast B.C. Dodge asks – Are you ready to vote?

This November 6th with be a pivotal moment in United States history – but we would have to assume that has been said before. But, the only way to be part of this moment is if you vote.

B.C. freely admits that he has never voted in a midterm election before, but this time around he is doing what he can to make sure that he does.

Besides the widening social economic gap and racial divide, there are polices that are being put into place such as family or child separation for people trying to enter the country illegally; or the big story of the United States withdrawing from the nuclear treaty that has been in place for the past 30 years – you know… so we don’t annihilate the world; and these polices need to be addressed and or stopped.

But if people don’t vote nothing will change, and while sometimes it feels like votes don’t matter…you still need to go and vote, because they due matter. And there might be local issues on your ballot that you are unaware of. That closed factory next to your house will become a chicken poop processing plant…unless you vote!

B.C. encourages everyone to check and triple check your registration status as there are news stories of voter registrations being purged by the thousands. If you need to register or need to check your status, you can do it all on Rock The Vote

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