B.C. Dodge is the founder of Rose & Angel Productions and The Venn Network, where he has worked on social media campaigns for Oscar nominated movies like Omar, and independent films like The Muslims are Coming! He has also worked with independent artists like Lee Camp, Negin Farsad, and many many more.


His first foray into podcasting was years ago with a show about Muslim converts called The Recovery Room, which gave birth to the New Wax Podcast, where unsigned artist got an opportunity have their music reviewed by record producers. Currently he is the producer and co-host of the award nominated What a Relief! Podcast – Islamic Relief USA’s official podcast, and the award nominated Raw Islam with Imam Azhar.


B.C. is a Veteran of the United Sates Navy and has earned his Masters of Arts in Community, Culture, & Technology from Georgetown University. When B.C. is not working towards his passion of bringing the world together through mutual understanding, he is enjoying his other passion: cookies.