#DamnItCarl Podcast 2: When can I Share My Voice to Support #MeToo?

On this #DamnItCarl Podcast B.C. Dodge asks – when can a white male enter the conversation of #MeToo? From Brett Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby; from Harvey Weinstein to Louis C.K., men that have abused their power for far too long are being called to the mat and are being held responsible for their inappropriate actions […]

#DamnItCarl Podcast 3 : Do You Know Who You Are Really Talking To?

On this #DamnItCarl Podcast B.C. Dodge asks – when it comes to social media and digital marketing…do you know who you are really talking to?

On this week’s digital marketing topic B.C. address the issue of knowing who you are talking to in your marketing.

#DamnItCarl Podcast 1 : Hello World

On The very first ever #DamnItCarl Podcast B.C. Dodge introduces himself to an audience that might not know him and introduces the world to his personal podcast. When B.C. is hosting his shows with Islamic Relief USA What a Relief, he needs to make sure that he stays within the world of the 501c3 and […]

#DAMNITCARL PODCAST 0 : The Uyghur Human Rights Project

  On this episode of the podcast B.C. Dodge interviews Zubayra Shamseden, who works with the Uyghur Human Rights Project in Washington, D.C. Zubayra Shamseden speaks for the Uyghurs who can’t speak in China for fear of persecution, She advocates for Uyghur human rights in an area of China known to residents as East Turkistan. […]

“What A Relief Podcast” 76: IRUSA’s DRT team pushes for the right Response

On this podcast B.C. Dodge & R. Mordant take some time out to talk with IRUSA’s very own Regional Disaster Response Coordinator, Abdullah Shawky

“What A Relief Podcast” 75: Who Makes This Stuff? – Our Live Chat with a Relief Manufacturing Giant

On this episode of the What a Relief Podcast Kevin Peach Business Development Coordinator for NRS International delivers a sneak peek into the manufacturing side of relief work.

“What A Relief Podcast” 74 : Fighting Discrimination of Faith-Based Organizations

B.C. Dodge and Mordant went live! This time from the Interaction Forum of 2017 at the Walter E. Reed Convention Center in Washington D.C. They had the pleasure of sitting down with Princess, the Program Manager for a new initiative called the Togetherness Project. It got its start in January of this year.

“What A Relief Podcast” 73 : Islam By Touch- Bringing the Qur’an to the Blind Community

In this episode of the podcast, B.C. Dodge is live from ICNA to interview Nadir Thabatah, co-founder and president of Islam By Touch. Islam By Touch is the first Muslim organization in North America dedicated to the blind community.  Nadir and his wife and co-founder, Yadira Thabatah, produce the English meanings of the Qur’an and distribute them—free of charge.

“What A Relief Podcast” 72 : Fighting Gender Violence in Faith Communities

This week on the What a Relief Podcast B.C. & Mordant welcome Reverend Amy Gopp, Vice President for IMA World Health, a global and ecumenical public health organization. She is an ordained minister of the Christian Church with two decades of experience in faith-based relief and development—and we think she’s awesome!

“What a Relief Podcast” 71 : A Little More Refuge for Refugees

When a refugee family arrives in the United States, how much support do they really have? How much time ticks away before they need to figure out how to survive alone, and what hurdles do they have to overcome?

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