“What A Relief Podcast” 72 : Fighting Gender Violence in Faith Communities

This week on the What a Relief Podcast B.C. & Mordant welcome Reverend Amy Gopp, Vice President for IMA World Health, a global and ecumenical public health organization. She is an ordained minister of the Christian Church with two decades of experience in faith-based relief and development—and we think she’s awesome!

“What a Relief Podcast” 71 : A Little More Refuge for Refugees

When a refugee family arrives in the United States, how much support do they really have? How much time ticks away before they need to figure out how to survive alone, and what hurdles do they have to overcome?

“What A Relief” Podcast 51: Aww! One Year Old!

Can you believe it? It’s been one year now since hosts B.C. Dodge and R. Mordant Mahon got this thing started—one year since they interviewed their first guest about his overwhelming experience greeting Syrian refugees on Greece’s shore.

“What A Relief” Podcast 50: Islam in Spanish: Empowering an Underserved Community Part II

In this podcast, B.C. & Mordant continue their talk with Jaime Mujahid Fletcher from Islam in Spanish. He shares more detailed insight on how his organization is making strides to bring knowledge about Islam to the Spanish-speaking community.

“What A Relief” Podcast 49: Islam in Spanish – Empowering an Underserved Community

In this episode, B.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon welcome Jaime Mujahid Fletcher from Islam in Spanish to share his groundbreaking efforts in making Islam accessible to the Spanish-speaking community.

“What A Relief” Podcast 48: Addressing MENA’s Youth Employment Crisis

In this episode, B.C. & Mordant chat with Taleb Salhab and Saro Nakashian from Education for Employment. The organization started in 2006 in Gaza and now spans eight countries with a mission of creating job opportunities for unemployed youth in the Middle East and North Africa. By providing world-class professional and technical training, they have placed over 10,500 youth in jobs to date.

“What A Relief” Podcast 47: In Which We Interview Our First Unicorn

Susan Dennard is an author who writes young adult novels that have nothing to do with humanitarian aid.

24 Hours, From Tears to Laughter

IRUSA has something new in the works for you coming up next week, and we think you won’t want to miss it — a 24-hour podcast for Giving Tuesday.

“What A Relief” Podcast 46: More Than Numbers: Paying Attention to Syria

Tune in to hear the first hand account of a Syrian who has escaped the war. “People are getting bored of Syria,” he says.

“What A Relief” Podcast 44: Empowering Young Changemakers

Today’s podcast welcomes its youngest guests to date. And yet, what the two international students lack in years, they make up for in determination, talent and heart.

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