#DamnItCarl Podcast 7: Why Won’t You Pay Your Social Media Managers?

On this #DamnItCarl podcast B.C. Dodge asks – Why won’t you pay your social media managers?

Everyone knows they need social media. Unlike five or six years ago when businesses were simply flirting with the idea of needing a Twitter account – today it is mandatory. As an aside here… If you are thinking about starting a business, or are just about to launch one, make sure you own your name on social. The last thing you want is some porn star using the same name as your burger joint (please make your own jokes here).

Again, five or six years ago it was easy to get an intern to post to Facebook or Twitter for you. But overtime the landscape has evolved. Today there are algorithms and research that need to be studied and applied. The days of having the inter post are gone.

However, if you have someone that has spent the last ten years studying and who understands the ins and outs – like why you should only post to Facebook once a day or less – offering them $40,000 a year (especially in the DC Metro area) is insulating.

If someone has a master’s degree in digital marketing and you are under the impression that you are hiring them simply to “manage your Twitter account” so you think it’s okay to pay them as little as possible… you are part of the problem.

There is far more to it than just simply posting a tweet. And if you didn’t know, now you do.

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