#DamnItCarl Podcast 21: Depression and Relationship Sabotage

On this #DamnItCarl podcast B.C. Dodge asks– why do we sabotage our relationships when we have a bout of depression?

In a previous episode of the podcast B.C. asked how you support someone with depression. Building on that, B.C. has had a very rough week and has struggled more than normal.

Through this struggle he has learned that when he starts to get depressed the first thing that he does is push people away. He alienates those around him, this isn’t by accident – it’s more by design than anything.

It is a vicious downward spiral – he tends to alienate people because of a lack of self-worth. As he pushes people away, he personally feels alienated, and he thinks it’s due to people not liking him because he isn’t worth it…so he pushes them away more.

This is not unique to B.C., many people who struggle with depression have this same experience. In fact, according to Med Broadcast “People with depression often frustrate and alienate those around them. Not surprisingly, family members and friends often are unclear as to what they can do to help someone who is depressed.”

At the end of it all B.C. is kind of right back to where he was with his previous episode, and how to not only support those around you…but how to self-care as well.

And how to repair those relationships that you just ruined.

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