#DamnItCarl Podcast 15: Why is California on Fire?

On this #DamnItCarl podcast B.C. Dodge asks – are the California wildfires really the fault of poor forest management or is it something bigger?

As we all know by now, or you should know, President Trump posted over the weekend that the wildfires in California (which at the time of writing this has taken the lives of 31 people) were due to poor forest management.


This puzzled B.C. and he wondered if it really was due to that, or if there was some other under lying issue that could cause it. Maybe a trend in Global Warming or lack of rain or whatever it could be.

He took to Google to find the answers, as most people do, and he found a chart on US News and World Report that showed since the 1960s there had been a steady rise in the number of forest fires in California.

With the exception of a spike in 2006 – Anyone know what happened that year?
(No really, we are asking.)

There are also reports, like the one on drought.gov that say the rain fall is well below where it should be for this time of year. This means things are dryer.

While we tend to not like to jump to conclusions on the Venn Network, an argument could be made that there is a positive correlation between the rise in fires in California and other factors… and it all looks like climate change.

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