#DamnItCarl Podcast 11: Do You Know How Food is Affecting You?

On this #DamnItCarl podcast B.C. Dodge asks – do you know how food is affecting you?

Many years ago, when the Earth was young, B.C. got old. If this were the end of the story that would wonderful, but it isn’t.

As his bod aged, it changed. He didn’t have the ability to eat whatever we wanted whenever he wanted. The effect of this? His weight went from the low 200s to just over 400. His pants went from a size 38/40 (depending on the cut) to a size 60.

As an aside here – if you don’t know about men’s clothes, the sizes are labeled by inches. Meaning that he put almost 20 inches around his midsection.

Shortly after he was diagnosed with NASH (non-alcoholic cirrhosis), he realized he needed to make a change – or die.

He didn’t diet or exercise, he is B.C. after all, but he did change what he was eating, and he has managed to bring himself down to 260.

He learned that his body doesn’t deal well with processed sugar, his body tends to hold it and keep it around his midsection. He has also, as of late, been experimenting with being gluten free – the results of which he was quite shocked at, but he did learn a little fact that keeps him eating some gluten still.

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