#DamnItCarl Podcast 10: Do You Know What Your Data Looks Like?

On this #DamnItCarl podcast B.C. Dodge asks – do you know what your data looks like?

The only real draw back to this post is that the video is framed inside the normal five minutes. There is so much more to be said and to show with Google Data Studio than can be covered in a five-minute video, but B.C. does his best.

Admittedly, when you first open and log onto Data Studio it is blank and intimidating. In fact, B.C. says he even had to go take a class to figure out how to go a little deeper into the program.

But once you get over the fear of the blank page, Data Studio is a gold mine of your data.

With Data Studio you can make reports that are simple to read and share, in one proprietary report B.C. actually used Google Sites to publish his reports and share them with the team – and being iframe based they update automatically.

The one feature of Data Studio that keeps B.C. up at night is the ability to mix and match data.
On one report you can place the age and gender and of the people that visit your website, and right next to it you can place the age and gender of the people that “like” your Facebook page?
Are there parallels? Are they different audiences? Does it change over time?

Also, when comparing data, you can look at things like device – how are they visiting your website? Desktop? Mobile? Then place the bounce rate next to that…do people that come to your site leave faster when they visit via Desktop or Mobile?

At the end of the day, B.C. is all about Data Studio and looks forward to doing more videos about it.

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