#DamnItCarl Podcast 1 : Hello World

On The very first ever #DamnItCarl Podcast B.C. Dodge introduces himself to an audience that might not know him and introduces the world to his personal podcast.

When B.C. is hosting his shows with Islamic Relief USA What a Relief, he needs to make sure that he stays within the world of the 501c3 and remains politically neutral …and if you have seen some of his tweets and this other videos, you know this is hard for him. And while he does have a voice, he is only the co-host of Raw is Islam, the real start of that show is Imam Azhar. So, he is stepping out solo in front of his microphone to speak to the world, and it is kind of scary without his normal team.

He introduces the format that he wants to follow, which is 5-minute segments. He knows the value of time, and he knows that people are not sitting down to watch a 30-minute video from beginning to end, and he is hopeful that with segments that are under 5-minutes that he can keep people’s attention and still ask thought provoking questions that will inspire conversation.

And with that! Ladies and Gentlemen – we give you… The Damn It Carl Podcast!

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