What I am trying to say…

As I said my wife works social services and the stories of these women & children that she tells is heart wrenching. So I understand & I agree that access to needed healthcare, protection from domestic violence & workplace parity are issues that need to be addressed, & fixed.

BUT, let’s work top down.

We are currently spending 900 billion on a war that has no exit plan; the same war that Russia spent 10 years fighting, & eventually bankrupted the whole country, causing a collapse of a world super power.

On the flip side to that we are currently spending 90 billion on education & we are far from being a world leader in that department!

SO! Let’s pull some of the troops home, let’s close some of these bases around the world and let’s reroute the money to programs that help with heath care & that help domestic violence victims. Let’s stop cutting into these programs to fund a war that we will inevitable lose. If the British couldn’t do it and the Russians couldn’t do it, what makes us think we can?

I have always been of the mindset that you need to care for your own house before you tell others how to run theirs. Right now we are spending too much time & energy playing world cop that our own house is falling apart.

Here is an example (all be it a bad one)…let’s bring some of the troops back to the US, take some of this gross amount of money we are spending, give it to a few of the veterans we bring back (not including myself in this please understand that) to help get women out of abusive situations.  

Each branch of the military has a medical corps , what if we closed up shop in one these islands no one has heard of and we have no real need to be there, and brought them here and had them treat the people that can’t get or don’t have health care. Wouldn’t that be better?

At some level I feel like we are trying to stop a dripping faucet, when the water main has broken.