Untitled 8

Untitled 8
by B.C. Dodge

Well I came here about a year ago
God, how the time has passed so slow
I’ve watched many young hearts grow old
One thing stays the same
everyone has their dreams and schemes

M.B. sings of standing in the spotlight
playing his songs to the young girls all night
saluting dreams of flying high someday
flying so high and make all this go away

Jones wants to be a mommy
and to love baby more

Sailor said “I feel I could teach…
think of all the kids I could reach.”

Dee wants to get her degree
than go out in life
to see what she can be

And when the sun goes down at sea
they all come to see me
and they cry…

We all feel a little low tonight
play that song you always play
make out troubles all fade away
please play, play, play

So I please them all and play for a bit
But I know very soon I’ll be sick of it all
and I know in the end I’ll be alone again
and I don’t know just where to go