The Rest of My Random Thought…

Sometimes I can’t tell is people are just d-bags or if there is a bit of bigotry at work…know what I mean, Vern?
I sometimes feel there is a lack of understanding at some level…they see Muslim Convert and thanks to the real terrorist (i.e. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC) they assume things about me or my thought process.
As an example of this (since I am ranting, I might as well just say what is on my mind, right? lol) I have people I have known for going on 17 years maybe…granted we lost touch for a few years…but now they won’t give me the time if day and I can’t tell if it something I did years ago or that I am Muslim convert now. I thought of these people as extended family…but now…I just don’t know.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum, It seems like you just went through what everyone goes through who converts or starts to practice Islam voluntarily. It’s a blessing in disguise, part of the Mercy of Allah (swt). Friends who abandon you because of your choice of religion or any other reason, just aren’t true friends, and there’s always that possibility that to you they are more of a trial if they are around, than when they aren’t. This also opens the door for you to keep company with others that are more worthy, such as your brothers/sisters in Islam, or just other people who are more understanding. We give thanks and praises to the Most High, everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad, it’s a mercy from Him. So don’t worry too much, make dua for them (don’t be mad at them), and inshaAllah things will get easier, and these friends will be replaced with much more valuable friendships. In times of loneliness turn to Allah (swt), He hears all, whether spoken out loud, or just whispered deep in our hearts. May Allah (swt) keep guiding you and blessing you in this journey that you have taken. We are blessed to have you within this Ummah. 🙂