For By Taking This Step, We Will Bridge the Void

From the Venn Network, where communities are brought together and gaps are bridged, comes another scintillating episode of the Raw Islam podcast with Imam Azhar Subedar, hosted by B.C. Dodge. A vandalism incident at a mosque located in New Tampa, Florida, where Imam Azhar resides, is reported by our host, who calls it an atrocious […]

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

As this episode of the Raw Islam Podcast opens Imam Azhar talks about his relationship with Robert “Bob” D. Gary, a former Department of Justice lawyer, who feels that a better understanding of Islam is truly needed, because it is the misinterpretation of Islam and what Muslims believes that leads to hate and feeds into […]

Raw #Islam #Podcast 5: Are You a Good #Infidel, or a Bad Infidel?

In this episode of Raw Islam Podcast, B.C. Dodge and Imam Azhar discuss a scary word: kafir. B.C. starts by sharing a Twitter exchange he had with a fellow Navy veteran who was shocked to find out he was Muslim. The man asked, “Are you a sharia Muslim or a Quranic Muslim?” B.C. says, “In […]

Raw #Islam #Podcast 4: Beyond #Haram, What is Better?

Imam Azhar opens this episode of Raw Islam podcast with the question “A man in white suit falls in a hole, what do you do?” Do you help that person? Do you just call 911? Do you offer to clean them up? If we accept that we are in this hole in our nice white […]

Raw #Islam #Podcast 3: Are You Holding Your Values Close to Your Heart?

As we swore in the 45 President, there were many changes that took place in only the first 6 days, including the normalization of Islamophobia. This week on the Raw Islam podcast we review these first 6 days and the use of the phrase Radical Islam and we ask, are you holding your values close […]

Raw #Islam #Podcast 2: The Ummah – Victims of the Kneejerk Reaction

Imam Azhar opens this podcast with the comment that “we are not here to debate what was said, we are here to open a dialogue,” which is what Raw Islam is all about. When we hear that someone said something about Black Live Matter or another topic, we tend to go back and watch the […]

Raw #Islam #Podcast 1: Welcome to Raw Islam, now let’s hug

On this, the premier episode, of Raw Islam with Imam Azhar, we are introduced to the Imam, we learn about his back ground growing up in Canada and we get to understand what the Raw Islam Podcast is all about. In the 1980s resources to learn and study Islam, and what it means to be […]

Solidarity Amidst Suffering: The Aftermath Of The Orlando Attack

B.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon talk to Hani Hamwi, Rasha Mubarak and Imam Azhar Subedar in this episode of “What a Relief!” — IRUSA’s official podcast. This week B.C. & Mordant are joined by Disaster Response Team Manager Hani Hamwi and two IRUSA volunteers, Rasha Mubarak and Imam Azhar Subedar. They were among the first responders following […]