Friday fun…we work so hard 😂

We were playing around the office with our live streams, I felt left out so I jumped on Facebook Live!

Shave it all!

After years of having long hair, I knew it was time to start over with a clean slate…and the only way to do that is to just shave it all!

Going back to bed & hurts less there

So today there were 2 stories running around Facebook… 1st was this one 2nd was this I just don’t get it…maybe I am missing something…maybe there is a piece to the puzzle that fell out of the box some place. At any rate, since I thought it good and clever here is my reply to people […]

All Hope in Humanity is lost!

I have been sitting here for the last hour or so looking at my twitter and Facebook feeds…I really feel like it is all over for us (and by us I mean humanity) here is just a glimpse of what I have been reading: -“Gay community apologizes to Amy Koch for ruining her marriage” -“Islamophobia […]