Really?? No one at all??

Really?? No one at all??

I did a podcast a few weeks ago (maybe a month or more by now) I asked for people to give it a listen and give me feed back on the quality of the work that I am trying to do. I am not saying that anyone has to post reviews on the web sites or anything like that…just send me an email to say “good job” or “don’t quit your day job” 

I got NOTHING from anyone!

I know that people are listening…I get the statistics on how many times it has been played or down loaded; I know how many people are going to my web site…point being…I know you people are out there and I know your listening.

So speak up!

Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings or whatever…I need direction. 

I have these people that follow me on twitter that are self proclaimed “Social Networking Gurus” and so far they are so worthless to me. I have tweeted questions and emailed looking for advice and I have gotten NOTHING. 
According to my Klout I am reaching about 500 people…and I am left with this thought…ether they are they all suck or they are the quietest 500 people on the planet. I shudder to say which way I am leaning. 

With all that said let try this link one more time! Last night I did another podcast, there were some technical issues and I had to trash it. But as all good computer type people I had a back up. So please make your way over to and have a look at last nights show and tell me how looked, how it sounded, are there issues you would like me to talk about?

In short…SPEAK UP!