Thanks to Ali D for a brilliant idea! It’s simple and effective. Go to the website for the Florida Family Association, link is below.

They have a form message that gets sent to 50+ advertisers. You can change the language of the message.

1. Put your name and email. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe from their email list at a later time.

2. Change subject to something positve

3. Change the message, example text below

4. Hit send

5. Invite others to do it!

Spread quickly — they will probably realize what’s going on in the morning and take down the page, which would be great!

Example text — feel free to modify! Thank you Saman N!

“The Learning Channel’s new show All-American Muslim is a great step in the effort to counter the bias that exists against many Muslim families in the United States. We believe that programs which promote tolerance and family values should be given all the support they can get. Shows like All-American Muslim which show loving families, strong bonds between husband and wife, the affirmation of the nuclear family are few and far between.

I encourage you to support (or continue supporting) this show with your advertising dollars. You are our only hope for a better tomorrow for our families.”