More Podcast Prattle

I was just looking over that stats for last few months of my  (and yes I am prattling on about that again, forgive me, I am trying to learn and get people involved) My broadcast on Sharia law has had 173 listens since I did it, and the one from this past Tuesday has had 24 listens (since one has been up longer than the other that is not a real surprise). I want to make this  the best I can while still trying to stay true to my base ideas. With all that said I am (again!) asking people to jump over to and follow that link on the page. I am working with  on learning my audience and trying to reach out to more people, but before they will give me the results I need a few more surveys filled out (I want to point out that I, personally, do not see any of the data that you put in or who is putting it in.  takes all the information into their system and does what they do). I wan to try and get the truth about  out as much as I can, while having a little fun. But to do this I need your . So please keep listening and commenting, and for the 3 people that did listen via  please post a review, even if it is bad. 
And this Tuesday at 7pm…as far as I know…we will be having a guest on to talk about an upcoming event in  and my wife will be working with me to talk about  , so please join us. 
Thanks for spending some time reading this.