I’ll “Talk Hard” if you listen!

Growing up on of my favorite movies was “Pump up The Volume,” I always wanted to be Christian Slater! I wanted the ability to speak freely and be amplified. I wanted to speak for the quite, speak for the voiceless, speak for the unspoken (I need to stop before I break into a chorus of Sing by My Chemical Romance).

Than a few years ago a friend showed me the web site BlogTalkRadio.com I quickly learned that this was the platform to do the very thing that I had always wanted to do.

I spent sometime setting up my account and learning how to run things. After awhile I felt I was ready to do my first broadcast and that happened to be What is it like being a Muslim Convert?

It turned out ok I think. I know that I was nervous and all my public speaking and acting class crawled into an escape pod and made an emergency ejection from my brain. But again, it wasn’t all bad to date is has had over 600 listens; and a year later it lead to my own documentary They Choose Islam.

Time went by and this little project of mine fell by the wayside. At the same time I trying to run a small Islamic Study Group. Life happened (aka I am lazy) and that too fell by the wayside.

By this time I was feeling really bad. My study group was going nowhere, I wasn’t paying attention to my broadcasting on BlogTalk. I wasn’t helping myself grow as a Muslim, I wasn’t helping spread the truth about Islam, and I wasn’t helping to fight Islamophobia.

After a little poking and prodding by my wife to do something with my study group I had a brain storm. Why not try to combine the study group and my broadcast? And that lead to The Truth Behind Sharia. As of today it has had about 200 listens.

I had a lot of fun doing these broadcasts. I wanted to do more. I kept mulling it over in my head…How can I work on my nervousness?  How can I get more listeners? Are people even listening to me?

I changed my mindset, and realized I had to shake it off and just do it! Sorry Nike. I decided to just do shows whenever I had free. This resulted in two shows, one of which I had to delete due to technical issues the other was Whatever is on my mind today!

While I was building my confidence I was tweeting and posting about needing feeding back, trying to get listeners to speak up…I am looking at the numbers and I know people are listening but they are not talking back.

I was talking to my wife one night and sharing my vision and dream with her. At the end of the conversation I had come to the conclusion that, as had been suggested, I would start doing the broadcast every week at the same time. Thus was the birth of the Tuesday night Recovery Room.

Since than I have done 3 or 4 broadcast, and people that comment online I find out later, in person, they really never listened.  This last week I did a broadcast about Islam in Marriage. I got my weekly report of listens and I had a 24% drop in listening.

I have 2 thoughts on why…

First is that I put Islam in the title, and I wonder that with the current Islamophobia spreading like wild fire, maybe that turned some people away and believe me when I say that this doesn’t mean I am going to stop doing what I am doing! The other is that I used a different method of promoting the show this past week and I feel liked it failed.

At the end of the day it is a touch frustrating for me.

I know the people are there and I know people are listening but I can’t get the feed back I feel I need.

What do people like? What do people want to hear more of or less of?

And to further build on this thought…I still need just a few more surveys done to make the Bluberry computer system kick in. Who would have thought it would have been this much of a struggle to get a handful of these done?

I am not sure what I am doing right or what I am doing wrong…and since people are not coming back to me…I am kind of at a loss. I know its there and I think I am doing it right, I just have to get to a hold of it.

So if you have the time tonight join me in the Recovery Room and help me recover from this! And for those that are listening…Thanks 🙂