I know your there…Speak up!

Here is the deal yo!
I was just looking at some of the user stats from my Blog Talk Radio (http://bit.ly/aXGwzK) and I know there are people listening to my show, granted I have only done 2, but that is not the point!
I know there are at lest 400 people that have heard it….the more popular one seems to be the post on “What is it like being a Muslim Convert?”
So let me reach out in a bit of desperation…
I want to do more shows, but there has been NO feed back at all.
Please take a moment and comment here, or shoot me an email (http://bit.ly/rRzR6M), let me know what it is you did like or didn’t like. What times and days would be best for the show to be on?
Let me know what it is you would like me to comment on further, do you have show ideas?
I know your there, talk to me…