Going back to bed & hurts less there

So today there were 2 stories running around Facebook…

1st was this one http://huff.to/Acjzrx

2nd was this http://nyti.ms/ztiI1O

I just don’t get it…maybe I am missing something…maybe there is a piece to the puzzle that fell out of the box some place. At any rate, since I thought it good and clever here is my reply to people that posted these links: 

As a US Veteran & a Muslim convert the last few elections have been hard on me. I know I have to vote, that’s a right that I fought for, but it seems that after that whole FL mess…the loudest whiner wins. And let’s be honest no one they have put in front of us for the last 3 elections has been worth anything. I want to vote…but it is so hard to find the right person to vote for. This article was well written…however…there seemed to ME to be a lack of sources and a whole bunch of editorial commentary. When I got towards the bottom where the author said that the use of drones and the passing of NDAA were not priorities for them, I lost all respect for the author, and I stopped reading. 

At the end of the lots of things look good on paper, but the one thing that is never factored in is the human element.
Someone in this thread said that Paul seems to be the lessor of the evils…at some level I agree with that; but at the same time what level of “evil” are you willing to accept? 
So now I will go back to my internet browser and continue to build my frustration as I try to find someone that don’t scare the crap out of me…and maybe that person is Paul.

To which I also followed up with my own post:

Ignorant people scare the *&^% out of me…esp when they are LOUD and other people listen. God help us all.

And that is about the size of it…