Podcast is late again, sorry to the fans, @luppy1 & @mjw51177

I am trying to pull a few things together…new segments and what not…so I am waiting for everything to come together. I am sorry to those who listen faithfully, but I promis you I am working on 3 or 4 shows now. As soon as all the parts come toether I will post them…I swear!!  […]

Will they allow swing’s coffee to move?

I am at my first town meeting here in Alexandria va, been here 7 years am this is my first.If this is approved in the end it will mean a lot more work for me this summer 🙂

This is how one advertises a #podcast!

I listen to a bunch of podcasts….one I listen to is Alonzo Bodden’s “Who’s Paying Attention?” One of his fans, maybe friends, takes the funniest parts of his podcast and makes 2 minute videos out of them…LOVE the concept.  How can I get this for my podcast?? lol    

Thanks to @reierje for starting the day off right :)


I want to do an experiment…share & RT this…& Help me out, please?

So I was just listening to a podcast about “Loving Yourself More,” one of the challenges the therapist tossed out there was to go and make a list of 25 positive features about yourself. The idea was than tossed out that if you couldn’t do this that there might be some issues with depression or […]

You ever have that feeling?

I think there are a few people that need to check their messages…

I feel like i need a course on voicemail and message “good behavior” Anyone know of one?



Just finished recording with @Luppy1 & @Mjw51177 for an up coming show!

Just spent some quality time with Luppy (@luppy1) and Matt Woods (@MJW51177) talking about the History of HipHop. Where it is going and where it is coming from. Who are your favorite Hip Hop artists?  Look out for it coming soon!