Here you go @reierje! I told you…

*cough cough* I think it might be getting worse…

Field trip!

Have you seen this?

These girls are not that bad!         

SMH…just SMH

Veterans ID Card Now Available from DMV??

Had a coworker tell me about this…and all I can say is ~ I WANT!!   Governor Bob McDonnell today launched the new Virginia Veterans ID Card available from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in partnership with the Department of Veterans Services (DVS) during an afternoon event at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center […]

Sorry if I am late to the party, but I have never seen this…

This is an awesome video.  Some people just talk to much and don’t know when to shut the hell up and LISTEN!!         

18 more “likes” on #Facebook…Help me out a little please?

I have had the Podcast page on Facebook and it has been up for a month or so… I need only 18 before I hit my first 100 “likes”  SO!! Share this post and if you are on facebook…GO LIKE THE PAGE!!

Except for Wednesday…I AM IN!!

Found this and HAD to repost it ROFL