This is how one advertises a #podcast!

I listen to a bunch of podcasts….one I listen to is Alonzo Bodden’s “Who’s Paying Attention?” One of his fans, maybe friends, takes the funniest parts of his podcast and makes 2 minute videos out of them…LOVE the concept.  How can I get this for my podcast?? lol    

Thanks to @reierje for starting the day off right :)


I want to do an experiment…share & RT this…& Help me out, please?

So I was just listening to a podcast about “Loving Yourself More,” one of the challenges the therapist tossed out there was to go and make a list of 25 positive features about yourself. The idea was than tossed out that if you couldn’t do this that there might be some issues with depression or […]

You ever have that feeling?

I think there are a few people that need to check their messages…

I feel like i need a course on voicemail and message “good behavior” Anyone know of one?



Just finished recording with @Luppy1 & @Mjw51177 for an up coming show!

Just spent some quality time with Luppy (@luppy1) and Matt Woods (@MJW51177) talking about the History of HipHop. Where it is going and where it is coming from. Who are your favorite Hip Hop artists?  Look out for it coming soon! 

Here you go @reierje! I told you…

*cough cough* I think it might be getting worse…