“What A Relief” Podcast 1: Building Bridges With Language Translation, Abdallah Shawky Talks Syrian Refugee Response

  Listen to regional coordinator for Islamic Relief USA’s Disaster Response Team Abdallah Shawky, talk about this experience from the beaches of Greece where he aided refugees first-hand, on this episode of “What a Relief!”, IRUSA’s official podcast. Sent to Greece to physically aid refugees arriving via glorified rubber rafts and overcrowded wooden boats, Abdallah […]

@MonaDoesFunny is in, or on, The Recovery Room PT#1

As her screen name calls it, this week I sit down with @MonaDoesFunny! This was a fun high-energy interview that reminded me why I started podcasting in the first place. **THIS IS PART ONE OF TWO AND THERE WERE SOME SKYPE ISSUES** We bring back “10 Miles Away” from @OddsLanes (http://soundcloud.com/oddslane)…You know that song from […]

**BREAKING NEWS** The Birth of a Podcast!

As most of you know The Recovery Room Podcast (@RecoveryPodcast) does a lot of work with Joe Joe Keys (@JoeJoeKeys), Luppy (@Luppy1), Soul Bastards Records (@sbastards ), and Luped up records (@LupedUpRecords). The fact of the matter is that our work with them is growing beyond what I can handle on my own any more. So […]

Getting Luppy in The Recovery Room!! PT1 06/21 by Carl Dodge | Blog Talk Radio

Getting Luppy in The Recovery Room!! PT1 06/21 by Carl Dodge | Blog Talk Radio We are back baby! I hope you all can forgive me for being off the last month, I have had a lot going on and I have ben trying to get everything in order. But we are back with an […]

YO! It’s @Luppy1 on the home page of BlogTalkRadio!


Just got news The Recovery Podcast is now on Player.fm!

WOOT WOOT! There is yet another way to take in the podcast! “Player.fm might interest you if you want an easy way to both listen to your favourite shows and discover new ones. Player.fm is a podcasting service in the cloud. You use it in your web browser – there are no apps to install, just […]

An email to Cindy Pugh (@CindyforMN)…

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Carl <Carl@bcdodge.me> wrote: Ms. Pugh,  I saw an article on you this morning in the “City Pages” (http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2012/06/cindy_pugh_somalis_garbage_bags.php) where you have compared Muslims women and children to garbage bags, and you have also made other statements that are feeding the current rise of Islamaphobia. I feel that some of your statements and views were […]

#Muslim #women & #children look like Trash bags?

So this morning I saw a tweet from a friend of mine that linked to an article about a sweet blond haired blue eyed girl next door that feels Muslim women & children look like trash bags…wait, what?? Yes, Cindy Pugh, who is a Tea Party candidate for state representative, said it is “Disturbing … […]

Podcast is late again, sorry to the fans, @luppy1 & @mjw51177

I am trying to pull a few things together…new segments and what not…so I am waiting for everything to come together. I am sorry to those who listen faithfully, but I promis you I am working on 3 or 4 shows now. As soon as all the parts come toether I will post them…I swear!!  […]

Will they allow swing’s coffee to move?

I am at my first town meeting here in Alexandria va, been here 7 years am this is my first.If this is approved in the end it will mean a lot more work for me this summer 🙂