All Hope in Humanity is lost!

I have been sitting here for the last hour or so looking at my twitter and Facebook feeds…I really feel like it is all over for us (and by us I mean humanity) here is just a glimpse of what I have been reading:
-“Gay community apologizes to Amy Koch for ruining her marriage”
-“Islamophobia Did Not Arise in a Vacum – Rev. Welton Gaddy”
-“President Obama tells the GOP there’s been enough game playing with the payroll tax cut debate.”
-“Grappling With Ron Paul’s Racist Newsletters”
-“The 30 Craziest Facebook Stories Of 2011”
-“House Passes Bill… for New Churchill Bust”
-“Tom Coburn: D.C. IHOP Pancake Restaurant Is Government Waste”
-“Sign This SOPA Petition to Get Obama’s Attention”
-“#DidYouKnow? The average woman uses 12 beauty products each day. How about you?”
-“back in the trailer park where i grew up #40Dollars meant a lot – school supplies for my bro & me, a tank of gas, a dinner out”
-“Obama: “What’s happening right now is exactly why people just get so frustrated with Washington.”
What the hell is wrong with us?
A Gay community apologizes to a Government official, granted the attempt at humor and irony is not lost on me however poor it might be…but this is news?
Islamophobia is wild right now, why?
If only there were some type of document that said I had the right to practice my religion in peace while you practiced yours.
Oh, wait! There is this thing I recall from High School called the U.S. Constitution and it seems that the there was this section…let’s call it the First Amendment and it said that all people of the United States had freedom of religion, speech, writing and publishing.
Now some of that I will come back to, but keeping with Islamophobia…the Sharia law that everyone is so scared of…but no one can say just what it is…states that “ To you be your Way, and to me mine. Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.” (Truthfully this is a quote out of the Quran) It seems to say the same thing as that silly old Constitution.
The President has to go on TV to tell the Government to get back to work?
The person running the meeting walks off the floor and cuts live TV feed?
That seems childish. Didn’t we elect these people to go to DC and a job?
But, they are so busy worrying about iHop and busts of Churchill that they can’t seem to stay focused long enough to make sure that a person who lives in a trailer park can afford food, gas, or school supplies.
What the hell is wrong with these people?
But you know what maybe I shouldn’t worry about it at all. I mean after this SOPA bill passes I won’t be able to read about all this garbage. After all won’t SOPA put an end to the freedom of writing, publishing, and speech?
Wait, I am sure I read that someplace else “Freedom of speech writing and publishing?”
I couldn’t have, otherwise why would my Government be trying to put an end to it?
At least once it passes I will have Government controlled media so I will know everything that I am reading is truthful and good for me.
But you know what, it isn’t all bad…after all the B.S. (odd that B.S. stands for Bachelors of Science and Bullshit, isn’t it?) has flooded my brain and it turns starts to eat itself as an act of self-preservation I can read about how woman use at least 12 different products on the face a day, or better yet how about a 3 page article about how Facebook has sent 30 different people on a psychotic rage.
At what point do we just all wake up someday and say “Well this was a nice experiment, but I guess we will call it a failure” and pull the plug?
But make sure we all agree on it otherwise it will get caught up in court for the next few years.
The one thing that hurts my brain the most is wondering what would happen if by some magical freakish thing the sky opened up and down came George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Jesus, Moses, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)…What would they say to us?
What would they think of what we have done and become?
These people left us with the tools to do wonderful things and change humanity for the better; but somehow we have brought it down to what seems to the lowest form.
I would write more and keep going on this rant…but I have to catch up on my DVRed episodes of “The Kardashians”