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BCDodge_me February 17, 2017

This my little corner of the web that I have made for shameless self promotion (a.k.a. narcissism).
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@rabiasquared I feel like you already did this... but can you post a link to your book please
@bricco24 @OZthecheesehead I object to that... you are exciting and worthy of a follow
@bricco24 I got out of bed and made coffee... does that count as PT? 😉
@NabelaNoor My daughter was asked to join a panel there but didn't tell anyone till after it started...but if you w…
In real life I collect butterflies. On Twitter, all I seem to collect are crickets.
Today my brain was a total asshole, but I survived the day...and if you're reading this you did too.
A Sisterhood For Peace: Muslim And Jewish Women Building Bridges

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